Sunday, September 23, 2012

All Clear

With all the excitement around school starting for the kids, starting a new job myself, and the start of the fall sports season I forgot to update our blog on Ronny's health.  Ronny had another follow-up with his surgeon in late August.  The doctor gave Ronny the all clear and officially released his care back to his regular doctor.  We were a little surprised when he didn't order more blood tests as that was what he indicated would happen at his previous visit.  Ronny was more than happy to leave without getting poked and called to inform me on his way to the car that no more appointments had been scheduled.  We were both happy to close this chapter and move on.  Ronny continues to see his regular doctor here closer to home as they are still monitoring his thyroid.  He had an appointment this last week for an unrelated matter and the doctor ordered more blood work to check his numbers again which Ronny was not so thrilled about.  He is getting so much better about getting poked lately, I surmise its because now he just expects it.  He also heartily informed me he was the first to get his flu shot this year.  I need to get the rest of us in to do that.   

Work has been on the slower side for him this summer as we have learned that a good portion of Europe goes on vacation in the months of July and August for several weeks making scheduling meetings for those of us here on this side of the pond somewhat frustrating.  Things are picking back up and we have noticed him bringing home work more times than not lately.  We would much rather be busy with work than not, so we take the late nights in stride. 

Ronny is once again coaching the boys soccer team.  We moved Sam up into Joseph's division this season to cut back on the amount of time we are spending on practices and games each week.  He is holding his own just fine.  He took a header in the face this weekend and had one mighty bloody nose and a nice bruise to show for his efforts.  Their team this year is so much fun to watch.  All the kids are happy to be there and are working hard and are just so much fun to watch!  Charley and I have both started volleyball again for our ward teams.  She will also start playing on a city rec team in the next couple weeks that I volunteered to coach.  Ronny is training for the South Jordan Marathon again this October and is secretly hoping he just may qualify for Boston this year, or next for sure he tells me.

Our days and nights have become extremely busy for the next month or two but we are enjoying it for the moment.  Being busy helps my mind stay away from too much time thinking of the "could have beens" and stay focused on the here and nows.  With the anniversary of Aaron's passing only a few days away I find my mind rehashing so many of the memories from our time with him.  They are bittersweet memories that often times keep me up at night and bring the tears flooding back, but I am grateful to have them.  For now I will enjoy the self inflicted chaos that brings its own challenges and leave the rest in the Lord's hands.


Stacey said...

Glad Ronny is all clear. Sounds like you are keeping busy, busy. I feel like faith and hope is what we have to move forward in life. I hope the Lord will be close to you as you face this week. Prayers your way. Love you!

MissNikkiSays said...

That is a beautiful way to commemorate someone. :) I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog as well.