Saturday, September 01, 2012

One Truly Amazing Experience

This is Trina and baby Zach.  Baby Zach arrived at the end of July.  Just a couple weeks before he made his debut his dad had a bike accident and broke his hand and ended up in surgery with a plate and 10 screws.  Shortly after the accident Trina came over and asked me one really big question.  She asked if I would come and help with Zach's delivery.  To say I was floored by the question I don't think quite covers the emotions that came with that question.  However those emotions didn't come close to the ones that came the day of his arrival.  To be there holding Trina's hand while she delivered this little guy was one experience I will cherish always.  Trina made things look way too easy, one little push and Zach was here after only a few hours in labor.

A week after Zach's arrival our family left for a trip to California.  While there we got a call from Todd, Zach's dad, informing us that Trina was in the hospital with a burst appendix.  I found a flight the next morning and headed home to help out.  This little guy came home with me for the next 5 days.  I had soooooo much fun taking care of this little guy and his brothers and sisters.  When Trina was recovered enough to take Zach again during the night I had to give him back.  It was really hard as I became quite attached to this sweet little boy.  Zach reminds me so much of Sam when he was a baby.  This great family matches ours so well with a daughter close to Charley's age and 5 more boys.  Both our families have suffered the loss of a son and Trina sang at Aaron's funeral last year.  Since Trina's surgery I've had fun watching him and his 2 year old brother a few more times.  It is always hard to give him back when the time comes but I look forward to more time with him in the future and Trina is very gracious in letting me get my baby fix with this little guy whenever I need it.