Friday, October 05, 2012

Happy Birthday Ronny!

This last Tuesday was Ronny's birthday.  Unfortunately we were so busy we had to postpone celebrating until Wednesday night.  He really wanted to have chicken wings for dinner and be the one to barbecue them.  I had everything ready for him when he came home from work.  He went out to the grill to heat it up and when he was ready to put them on he discovered we were out of propane.  We loaded everyone in the car and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Ronny requested a chocolate, chocolate, everything chocolate cake.  I ran out of frosting so he got a cream cheese center instead.  It was yummy!  I managed to find a few last minute gifts that even garnered a smile or two.  Ronny let Joseph handle the camera this year and we found this great pic amidst the set.  He did a great job!  Ben has been so excited to celebrate his birthday all week and wanted to invite his entire school class over to the house for a party.  Ronny reminded him it was and even birthday so we could only celebrate with the family.  Happy Birthday love, we surely do love you!


Stacey said...

Happy Bday Ronny!