Sunday, May 05, 2013

Back from Hiatus

So my teaching year is finishing up this week and I just completed the online class I have been taking so I finally have found some time to start the blog entries again.  So first lets catch up from February to April.


 We went to cheer on the Cougars as they beat UCLA to clinch the MPSF championship.
 Ronny ran the Ragnar Trail Relay in Southern Utah with his office.
 Ronny's office dinner in Park City.  I ordered the spare ribs as that was the only thing on the menu that looked like it was something I would like, this is what they brought to me, now really how am I supposed to eat this????  I don't think I even ate a 1/4 of it that night, it was HUGE!
 Summer shoe shopping, I introduced the boys to converse!
 Joseph mastered the Rubix cube!
 Ben's first birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.  I was out of town so I told Ronny he could decide if he wanted to drive Ben over.  I asked him later if he remembered to take a gift, I'm pretty sure the blank look on his face meant no, next time I leave I will have to remember to do that ahead of time....
 Girls weekend with my sister, my mother, and my grandmother.  We went down to Vegas for shopping and dinner at Lawry's.  The weekend included capturing a lizard that made its way into Grandma's house.  My sister, my mother, and I were laughing so hard during the capture I accidentally let it go the first time and had to catch him again.
Ronny taking the kids to look for dogs while I was out of town.

 Planting Rose bushes in our back flower beds.  One for each of our children.
 Easter flowers for Aaron.
 I love having children old enough to hide eggs for the younger ones.  Thank you Charley and Joseph!
 Pinewood Derby.  The night before we had 5 neighborhood boys at our house finishing their cars.  I'm not quite sure how we got designated the "shop" but we did.  One dad even dropped his son off and left!

 Ben turns 7 and had his first birthday party!

 Valentine's day complete with bike racks and a pound of Scotchmallows!
 Joseph earned his Weblo.
 On the spur of the moment we decided to drive to California to follow the BYU men's volleyball team to Pepperdine and USC.  Thank you Morgan family for putting us up and joining our madness.
Beach day in California, the weather was gorgeous and the kids had their first experience boogie boarding!
 Science Fair madness.  I had to remind Ronny a few times it was a 5th grade project and not a Phd dissertation.
 Finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family for the 12th time.  We finished while Ronny was in Romania so we took a picture for him.
 Weblo and Bear den meeting.  A member of Salt Lake Swat came to talk to the boys.  Ronny was recently called as Scout Master and I was called to be a Weblo's Den mother.  I guess we are now a scouting family!


LizzyP said...

You are so productive in your house. So proud to be related to you.