Sunday, May 05, 2013

Meet Harley!

Harley joined our family yesterday afternoon.  The kids have been begging for a dog ever since they could talk!  After moving into our house here we knew we wanted to get one but with Aaron's adventure, Ronny's medical adventure, and just plain craziness we just haven't been able to make it happen.  Charley is also allergic to cats and dogs so we knew we had to get one that was hypoallergenic.  I however was not willing to drop a ton of money on one with so many animals at shelters needing homes.  Ronny has been watching the adds on KSL for months and even called on a few and taken the kids to adoption days at the pet store looking for just he right one.

Late Friday night Ronny called me up to see a dog he had found on Harley.  He's a Basenji/Red Heeler Mix or at least that is what his previous owner thought.  Basenji's are barkless dogs and Red Heelers are Australian cattle dogs.  Basenji's are hypoallergenic, curious, smart, and have lots of energy.  Red Heelers are smart, even tempered, and also have lots of energy.  The add said the dog was already house broken, and raised around children and other dogs.  I told Ronny to call the number and Ronny made arrangements to take the kids out to see him Saturday afternoon.  Charley didn't seem to have any problem with him and the boys fell in love with him immediately.  And so......Harley is now home with us.

I have heard him bark once at the Pet Store when another dog challenged him, other than that he hasn't made a sound.  Ronny gave him a bath last night and he has been great with the kids.  The kids are loving playing with him and taking him on walks.  He isn't so big that he is in the way and not so small we are tripping over him.  He is a year old but doesn't look like he is going to get much bigger.  Ronny is looking forward to taking him on his morning runs.  I think Harley was worth the wait.  We love him already!


Stacey said...

yeah you're back! A dog! are you staying put?

Happy bday Ben! Can't believe these boys are 7...where does the time go?

LizzyP said...

A dog! So fun.

Molly Seawright said...

I just came across your blog after go ogling "basenji heeler mix." My husband adopted a 3+ year old basenji/red heeler mix a few months ago. She was surrendered (with three of her pups) to a shelter in NM early this year... then moved up here (to central UT). Anyway, Harley is such a good looking dog and your family is beautiful. So fun to see sweet dogs of similar breeds!