Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The black eye

Last night, Joseph tripped on the downstairs bath mat and caught the sharp corner of the bathroom counter-top just below his eye. The skin was not broken, but we called the doctor's office to see if there was anything we could do. We already had ice on his eye, and they recommended that we give him ibuprofin, which we did. He looks much better this morning, although he does have a moderate black eye.

It was the perfect end to a long day for Denise, who traveled all the way to Albany just to have pictures developed. You see, our local Fred Meyer store here in Corvallis had a photo machine whose Matte finish wasn't working. We prefer the Matte finish to the glossy for photos we are going to hang on the wall (or give to others). So Denise went to Albany - only for them to do all the photos in Glossy. Denise had already done all of her Albany shopping (while the 1-hour photos were being done), so she waited in the parking lot while they did them again.

There really wasn't any other choice, but of course the three boys didn't take it patiently, as they had already been having bad days at Target (and Fred Meyer and hour earlier).

After the obligatory half-hour, Denise picked up the Matte-finish photos (with a 10% discount), and came home. When she got to the car, she took a peek at the photos, and there seemed to be about twice as many as we ordered, and most of them were wrong!! There was not going to be a fourth trip into Fred Meyer, so she continued home. I can't believe they messed up as badly as they did - twice - and in two different ways. Most of the pictures they picked instead of the ones we chose are actually pretty nice poses, so it's not a total loss.

I tried to hang some of the pictures this morning, but we couldn't find any nails for hanging. Maybe they have some at Fred Meyer.