Monday, December 11, 2006

Sam and potty-training

This weekend was our first honest effort at potty-training Sam. He does pretty well. On Saturday, he had two accidents compared to 4 successful trips to the toilet. On Sunday, we backed off a bit and put him in diapers for church time. After church, we put him back in the briefs. He had an accident all over the kitchen floor, but overall, he's doing a great job.

When he sits on the toilet, he looks up at us and exclaims "I do good job!" This is his standard remark whenever he does something we praise him for. On the flip side, he also knows what we tell him when he's in trouble.

Take this morning for example. He likes to follow Charley out to the bus in the mornings and makes every attempt to get on the bus without me noticing. This morning he got all the way to the steps of the bus and he really threw a fit when I picked him up and carried him home. After I put him down inside our apartment, he looked at me and pointed to the stairs and screamed "No, Dad. On the stairs! You go your room!!" You see, we sit him in time-out on the stairs and send him to his room when he's in trouble.