Wednesday, December 13, 2006

elbow pain

Last night, I was running up the stairs, and I tagged the corner of my elbow on the the molding half-way up the stairs (as I turned the corner on the landing). Man, it hurt a lot. I haven't felt pain like that since The Great Kidney Stone of 2004. This morning I have a visible bruise, but most of the pain has moved into my shoulder. I don't know why. This pain seems worse than my elbow pain last night. It feels like I have a deep and intense bruise in the lower section of my deltoid. This makes it difficult to hold Ben and still get things done. I'm doing much better after 400mg of Advil that expired 5 years ago.

On another note, today Denise will mail off Christmas presents, marking the end of our holiday shopping and shipping season. Hooray for that.