Monday, March 12, 2007

Ben's Big Day

Friday was Ben's 1st birthday. We started off with a bang at the doctor's office. He officially weighs 20 lbs on the nose and is 30 inches. He can now ride in his new car seat. He also received his next round of immunizations and was a trooper. After getting stuck he crawled over to the nurse and gave her a big hug! It was really cute and the nurse almost cried. We invited the neighborhood over for cupcakes that evening. About 20 people showed up to eat the 50 cupcakes we made. The boys had fun helping to make them and Charley did a great job entertaining the boys while Mom frosted them. We went to McDonald's for dinner and Ben clapped jabbered and was so excited to be turned around in the car. It was funny watching him get so excited to see things we take for granted on the normal car ride. Lately he loves to crawl to the edge of the stairs and throw things down watching them bounce all the way. The other kids love to throw balls up to him and have him throw them back down. I can always count on a good 10 minutes of work time if I suggest this activity however after 10 minutes the game gets a little brutal and we have to find a new one.

Sam's latest achievement is to put away his clothes and get dressed all by himself. We have labeled his drawers for him so he knows what's in each drawer. He sometimes gets lazy and gets things out of Joseph's drawers though. It depends on whose helping as to whether he gets away with it or not. I came home from grocery shopping on Saturday to find Sam wearing Joseph's clothes and Joseph wearing Sam's clothes and when I mentioned it, Ronny shrugged and said that's what they brought me. Sam has also started a new way of getting out of trouble. He seems to be hitting a lot lately and when called on it he runs and with the most pathetic face and sugary sweet voice says, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry". He's figuring the system out, however he still gets put in time out.

Charley is doing much better lately. She is playing with the boys and not complaining so much. Happy day for this! Of course now that I say something she will have a bad day today.

Ben has just found me so my time here is done.