Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Have I ever mentioned how much our kids want a dog? Lets say its been a long time dream of our children (especially Joseph) in their few short years on this earth. Joseph repeatedly asks when we can have a dog. We have told the kids we would get a dog when the we "owned" the fence and the house we were living in.

This is Fuego. Fuego is Nana and Papa's new dog. Fuego and the kids did everything they could to become our new dog. Here's the story.

First thing Saturday morning after we arrived in California, the kids headed outside to swing on the swings and explore. I was in the house with Stephanie and she happened to mention they got a new dog named Fuego but they hadn't seen him in a few days (I think 4 to be exact). She said that Fuego had originally been an indoor pet before he had come to live on the farm. He was having trouble adjusting to the new environment, especially the lack of attention and having to compete with another dog.

Shortly after this conversation Charley came in the house and announced she had found Fuego in the cabin. He had been in there all week without food or water. He came out, did his business, and drank several bowls of water. Sam saw him and they immediately bonded. Sam sat with him most of the day while he lay recouping in the shade. We were worried he wouldn't make it, and I was a little worried he would pass away while we were there.

Then the trouble started. The three older kids really took a liking to this dog and the dog to them. Anytime the kids were outside the dog was with them. Anytime we went to get in the car the dog tried to go too. He loved the attention and the kids loved the idea of maybe talking Mom and Dad into bringing him home. Joseph had a few private conversations with Dad on the cell phone and begged me all week to take him home.

The day we were leaving I had left the sliding door open and the car door open. Fuego decided to follow the kids inside. When Papa discovered he had come in, he ordered him out. Fuego didn't move. I told Joseph to go get the dog out of the house. Joseph walked up, took him by the collar, and gently told him he needed to go outside. Fuego listened to Joseph. When we were getting the kids in the car to start our journey home Fuego decided he was going too, and promptly jumped in the car and made himself comfortable in the back with the kids. When we tried to get him out, he wouldn't budge. It took several minutes to get him out of the car and a few tears by the boys. They really wanted him to come home. Unfortunately we are not able to have a dog where we live. If we could I am sure Fuego would have come home with us.


Anonymous said...
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S+S said...

What a sad story! Poor Fuego! (and your kids). Someday!

richard dandelion said...

Talk about a story right out of Where the Red Fern Grows!

Grace is set on having a dog, too, and is anxiously awaiting the day when we own our housing. (I'd bet you a dog for whoever becomes a homeowner first, but I'm sure you guys will win!)