Sunday, April 20, 2008

Technology has its curse!

As much as I love that we have new gadgets and gizmos to stay connected in many different ways it has its price which for the most part is pretty expensive on our extremely tight budget. Our computer (which was 5 years old) decided last night to stop recognizing any mouse whatsoever. It had been acting up the last few months but we were always able to turn it off let it rest and eventually it would cooperate. After questioning Ronny, somewhat like an interrogation, if we could find some way around this problem that resulted in NOT having to buy a new computer, in the end we broke down and went to the computer store. After hearing so many complain about Microsoft's Vista I knew I did not want to deal with that, so we headed to the Mac store. We have officially become an Apple only family. We bought a little Mac mini. Thankfully we did not have to replace the monitor, keyboard, and everything else, which made the purchase a little more doable. Ronny spent all day and night (literally) frantically saving our files and pictures to cd's and setting up the new unit.

I love that it fits in the drawer under the monitor and it is soooo quiet compared to what we dealt with before. I also love that I can sit here and not worry the computer is going to randomly freeze up on me. Now however, I must be schooled in all the new buttons and widgets and whatever else they call things on this system, then I have to teach the kids. That ought to be an adventure!