Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank You Teacher Carla!

Meet Spotty and Goldy our new goldfish, compliments of Joseph's kindergarten teacher Teacher Carla. Grrrr! Its never good when you go to pick up your kid from school and the teacher has promised the kids they can all take a fish home at the end of the day. Then your kid and the teacher do everything they can to guilt you into taking them. Of course your other son is there as well and wants one himself. So now we have two goldfish at home. I don't have a goldfish tank and I refuse to buy one because I know as soon as I do they will die. So, they are swimming in one of my crystal vases. They have lasted a week, much longer than I would have guessed.

On a side note, Joseph received his T-Ball uniform yesterday. He is on the Mets and is blue and orange. When we were getting in the car Charley asked what team Joseph was on again. I reminded her it was the Mets. She then asked why there was a NY on his hat. She didn't know why I was laughing, so I told her that her Dad and I have lots more to teach her and Joseph about baseball.


heather b. said...

At least it's just goldfish a very low maintence pet. Good luck with them, hopefully they won't last too long!!!

christa said...

Oh Barf! I would have been like, See Ya!

richard dandelion said...

Hi Denise (cousin Justin here)!

To get rid of goldfish, make sure when you change their water to change all of it. (They need a certain number of bacteria to survive, and when you replace the old bacteria-rife water with clean tap water, they die.) If you want them to survive, you just replace half the water whenever you clean the "tank."

Yes, I found that out the hard way, as a child, by unintentionally killing several goldfish. I was scarred for life.

PS--Sorry if you already know all about water changing.

PPS--I love your blog.

Mike and Jen D said...

Hello Cousins.

This is Jacob. I liked looking at your pictures on the blog. When can you come down here?