Friday, May 28, 2010

Sleep, it's a wonderful thing!

Ronny volunteered to take a 1/2 day off of work today so that he could do the night shift last night with Joseph so that I could get some sleep. Joseph went down within minutes last night and finally slept. I woke him up to take his antibiotics at 2:30 and he went right back down. Hooray! Things went so well that Ronny went to work at the normal time this morning. Joseph seems to be doing well this morning. Today I have decided to give him pain meds only when he asks for them. We'll see how well he does. We've pretty much given up on the sling as its too hard for him to keep his arm upright so he walks around with "Sponge Bob" on all the time. Its pretty funny.

My sister, her husband and children and my mom all came for a visit last night. Joseph really loves having visitors. It helps him laugh and keeps his mind off his finger. Sometimes we have to remind him to slow down and be careful when they are here. Uncle Mike brought over an assortment of flavored milks for Joseph. He is in heaven with those.

Today Joseph asked for help getting dressed. He apparently has decided that he is done living in his pajamas. This is a good sign! I told him he has to have a bath first and that we would have to cover his arm with a trash bag before getting in, he thinks this is going to be cool. We'll see. He is also going to start practicing writing with his left hand today in preparation for returning back to school next week. He is not so jazzed about that.


Thank heaven for little girls said...

Hey girlfriend. How are you? Are you on Facebook? I couldn't find you.

We are doing great. Alan is finishing his second year of residency. Yeah only 4 more to go. :)

The girls are great busy growing to fast.

Charlie is so big. I can't believe it's been that long.

Take care. If you are ever in San Antonio give me a call.