Monday, August 23, 2010

Go Cougars!

Nana called a week or so before her visit and asked for the kids shirt sizes. She wanted to know if we wanted the new BYU football shirt for this season. As we are avid BYU and football fans in general we excited told her absolutely. Besides when we were in OR we bought the kids new OSU shirts so it was only right that they BYU had equal representation right??? They arrived just minutes before Nana had to leave for the airport. Just in time for a picture! (I have a feeling that Charley is going to pass up Nana in the height department in the next few months).


Stacey said...

Love the shirts! The count down is on...

Charley is growing up so fast! Red highlights, your brave. All your kids look so big!

Tell Joseph Happy Bday from us! It looks like his baptism was great and how fun to see him in scouts! And it begins...good luck, I'm right there with you! :) Hope you guys are doing well!