Monday, August 23, 2010


One of the items on the to do list while Nana was here was to have Charley pick out fabric for a quilt that would fit her new bedroom furniture. I knew of a quilt store in down town South Jordan so we headed over before taking Nana to the airport. (pictures to come when the quilt is finished, no pressure here Stephanie).

When Charley picked out her bedroom colors she wanted pink and purple. Perfectly natural girl colors right? Well in the last month or two I think she has grown up and changed her opinions considerably. Before going in to the store I told her she could pick out whatever she wanted as this was her room. As we looked at fabric I was pointing out pinks and purples and complimentary colors that would match the wall colors. She would nod and say, "that's nice but Mom look at this fabric" which of course was anything but what I thought she would like and what would match the walls. We eventually enlisted the help of one of the employees in the store that was off showing Charley all kinds of modern and retro fabrics that Charley was eating up. I couldn't believe it! Stephanie would laugh and look at me like "really" that's what she wants....? I would shrug and say I guess so. You should see the fabric that she picked out for the back. Soooo not what I would have thought she would like. As we were leaving Stephanie looked at me and said that Chalrey did not pick out anything that she would have picked for her but that Charley picked out fabric that her aunt Anjanette would pick out. So, in the end I guess she is in good company.

Last week I took Charley to get her hair cut as it was in need of some serious help. As we were waiting I asked Charley if she wanted to get a couple blond highlights put in that would brighten her hair up a little. She shrugged and said she would think about it. I think she was intimidated by one of the hairstylists who had several different color highlights in her hair and was getting more put in while we were there in between customers. (Random!). While she was cutting her hair the stylist who was working with her joked that she could always put some orange and red streaks in to look like fire. Charley perked right up and asked if she could get red highlights put in. Red???? Where did that come from? I said if that's what she wanted as I had already offered the blond highlights. I gave the stylist strict instructions on what color red she could put in. Charley was thrilled. Red, go figure. They really don't stand out too much but when the light catches her hair just right you can see them. Otherwise you really have to look. Can you tell she is my only daughter??? She really wants her ear pierced like her cousin but Ronny isn't having it. I think that is one of his last hold outs on trying to not let her grow up so fast. I don't blame him. We'll see how long it lasts.