Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Great to Be Eight

Joseph turned 8 years old on August 11th. This was a big milestone for him considering how many times he has visited the ER and found himself in precarious situations during these years. We celebrated as a family on his actual birthday and had friends and family over after his baptism the following Saturday. Joseph decided he wanted a lightsaber cake this year which I was happy with. I had a friend who had done this for her own son and just lined up cupcakes and frosted them according to what color lightsaber he wanted. This made the week so much smoother as we were already busy getting ready for his baptism and having family come into town. Not to mention school and karate activities as well.

Joseph's baptism was wonderful. He had been looking forward to it these last 12 months and has been inviting everyone he came in contact with as well. Our great bishop came over to meet us and give Joseph his baptism interview at our home and asked if we would say the closing prayer. The primary presidency also came over that week and gave us the rundown on how the stake baptisms were organized. The Monday before the baptism the Stake Primary presidency called and informed us our family was assigned the musical number during the stake portion of things. I laughed out loud and told her we were not very musical. She said she knew we had 10 year old daughter. I said we did but that had nothing to do with a musical number. I told her we were not the kind of family that could just pull one out of a hat but that we would be more than happy to provide a talk or prayer. She wasn't having it and wanted me to tell her right then what song our family would sing. Yeah Right! I told her I would have to get back to her. Needless to say I was not very happy! It wouldn't have bothered me if we had a couple weeks notice. Its not like they didn't know the baptism was coming up. In the end our family sang a song out of the Children's Song Book and hopefully we didn't embarrass ourselves too much.
As a special treat Nana brought with her all the Cub Scout paraphernalia Joseph would need to start Cubs. I was thrilled as well as this got me out of a trip to the Scout Store. Joseph went to his first meeting last week and came home so excited to work on the various badges. He will be attending a day long Cub Scout activity this weekend and can't wait!