Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of Something

So our kiddos started school the last week of July this year. (year round school schedule) It was so odd to me and Ronny was out of town at the time that I just didn't get their first day of school photos taken. Friday the kids went off track and Saturday was their first day of break so I opted to take their photos then. We also went school shopping just this week so they were excited to put on their new clothes for the picture. We are getting back into the swing of things just in time for them to be home. This is the first year I have all 4 kids in school of some sort. I have 6 hours a week to myself which has already been filled with helping in their respective classrooms. Go figure. I do enjoy it and it allows me to see what is really going on in the classrooms.

Charley tested for the Accelerated Learning Placements program last year. The district takes all the gifted kids and puts them in their own classrooms at one or two schools. We decided to let Charley try it out this year knowing it would be challenging having her at a different school and commuting back and forth. She is enjoying the class and is being challenged which is great to see. She is still excelling and blossoming while making new friends. Mom is getting used to juggling picking up one child and racing home to meet two more.

Joseph and Sam are together at our neighborhood school. They like riding their bikes and making lots of new friends. Most days you can find them out playing soccer with 6 or 7 other kids at one of the parks near our house after school. They seem to have adjusted well to the move.

Ben has started preschool and it has been adjustment for the both of us. The first week was a little rocky as he was acting out and not listening. He is learning to socialize and be patient. He has finally settled in and comes home with reports of playing with friends and having to let the teacher read the book instead of him. Its pretty funny!