Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Last of the Summer Fun

Sam decided it was getting a little too cold.

Race for the ball that went out of bounds.

Keep Away (boys against girls, unfortunately there were only 3 girls including the Moms!)

As Labor Day approached and the temperature started to drop we were dreading the end of summer. We really haven't felt like we had a lot of it here with stitches, school starting, and moving our summer seemed to race by. Friday and Saturday we were determined to get one last gelato fix and concert and one last day of swimming in before everything closed for the season.
Living in the Daybreak area has a lot of perks that we discovered this summer. One of them is Friday Night concerts. Every Friday night a band or performance group performs out in SODA Row (the small retail section of our community). They have a tent and stage set up in the grass field and families and their pets can enjoy the summer evenings outside. The field is also right next to a big water fountain for kids to play in and a gelato shop is in the space next to field as well. We have enjoyed getting gelato as a family, seeing our neighbors, and getting wet almost every Friday night this summer and look forward to this again next summer and many more to come.

Saturday was warm enough to head over to the pool one last time. We all had a great time even after Ben decided to jump in the deep end without his life jacket with Mom racing after him. Thankfully the life guard was paying attention and realized he was just too fast for Mom and went in after him. Glad to see my HOA dollars at work! We thanked the life guard profusely and after a "time out" and a good lecture Ben raced back to the water. The other kids enjoyed playing keep away with a beach ball a friend had brought and just enjoyed the water.

After swimming we made it home just in time to barbecue some burgers and watch the Cougars beat the Huskies with some friends from our last neighborhood. They didn't get the game so we invited them over to watch. Unfortunately we could not say the same thing for the Beavers but they played well none the less. Great Fun!