Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Fun!

What an 8 year old boy looks like after having his second tooth pulled in a week.

While the kids were off track this month we made our semi annual dental appointments. This is always an adventure. Charley had finally lost her last baby tooth so we knew we would be referred to the orthodontist at this visit. It was a surprise when the nurse came out and explained that Joseph was in need of seeing one too. She then proceeded to tell us that he would need 2 more teeth pulled (already had one done this year) and a retainer put in ASAP. She also showed us that his gums were receeding pretty bad on the bottom and would most likely need surgery to correct that. I then went back and started making all the appointments that he would need. All three other kids had a clean bill and were free to return in 6 months (other than Charley's ortho consult.)

Joseph has returned twice to have the teeth pulled and his cavities filled and was fitted for the retaining wire. He and Charley see the Orthodontist tomorrow and depending on what happens there, he will have another dental appointment on Friday to have the retainer fastened in unless he gets brackets put on. The tooth fairy has visited often this last month and is broke! (Especially after she finds out how much braces are going to run for 2 kiddos and a possible surgery, blahhhhhh!) NO FUN! Hopefully their next break won't be so filled with appointments.


aj said...

Ohh poor kids!
...but at least they'll have perfect teeth!