Monday, December 27, 2010

The best park ever!

After leaving sunny California we headed back towards home by way of Las Vegas. We have some great friends who live there that have been asking us to come visit for several years. We arrived Friday night just in time for pizza and games. Upstairs in their house they have a great game area with on old style arcade game and foosball table and wii. The boys were in heaven. They also have 3 girls just around Charley's age so she was thrilled!

Saturday morning after breakfast we headed downtown. We started at the lion exhibit in MGM and then made our way down to the M&M and Coke factory stores. We had fun making our own M&M mixes, and tasting Coke products from around the world. Ronny was so excited they had the drink he was familiar with on his mission in Paraguay. I only wish they would have sold those various drinks so we could bring some home with us. The kids all enjoyed their own flavors of floats, even before lunch!

After that we headed over to the Belagio for the water show. The kids were amazed at the shooting fountains. Then we headed back to the car and drove over to Wendy's for lunch. That particular Wendy's has to be the absolute slowest "fast food" place on the planet! There was nothing fast about it.

When we finished up our friends took us to the most amazing park we have ever seen. Its one of those parks that truly makes you want to be a kid again so you could run and play on all the structures! I took lots of pictures to submit them to our HOA in hopes that one of the future parks could be modeled after this one. It was awesome!

The next morning was Sunday and we attended Sacrament meeting at their ward. They were having a youth program similar to the annual primary program every ward has. It was sooooo good! First of all their youth filled the stand and then some. (I have never seen so many youth in one ward!) The songs that were chosen were great and the spirit was overflowing! I'm so glad we were there for that and would even consider heading down next year just for that program! One of the songs was about Book of Mormon prophets (its called "How Can I Be" and you can find it on U Tube, the best is the one with the three missionaries with the ukeles sitting on the couch.). Our Sam sat right up and said, "I know who they are!" and was attentive the entire rest of the program with a smile on his face. You could just see that he was touched.


Becky said...

I'm sad that I missed you when you were in Cali. Maybe in Feb. We're still working on details to try and make it. Happy New Year!

Bickmore's said...

We had a blast!! Thanks soo much for comming!! :) See ya this summer!