Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Adventures

Bright and early last Saturday we packed the kids in the car and headed south. Our plan was to drive until the kids were done being in the car. Surprisingly we made it all the way to our destination in CA, a total of 13 hours in the car. They were even pleasant travelers. We made it just in time for dinner at Nana and Papa's ward Christmas party.

Monday: We had planned to ride the Bart into San Francisco and visit the Exploratorium. Unfortunately that was closed on Mondays. We discovered that the California Academy of Sciences was open so we headed in. On the way we got turned around a bit and discovered we were at the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. The adults laughed and the kids were confused. They asked why that was so funny and we told them they would learn about it when they were older.

This place was great! They had an aquarium, living rain forest, planetarium, and lots of animals to see and things to read and watch. They even had a reindeer that Sam was able to pet. Charley was picked to do an impromptu game show type thing and answered all her questions correctly. She one some great prizes that she kindly shared with her brothers. While we were there a film crew was taping a commercial for the asthma drug Advair, we thought that was somewhat ironic knowing how hard we worked to get Joseph healthy enough to come on the trip. We had a great day.