Sunday, December 19, 2010

"But Dad, I can't see!"

On Tuesday of our December adventures Papa took half a day off to take the big kids to the shooting range. After loading up the car with kids, rifles, and ammo they headed off.

(I wish I had some still pictures of this but I wasn't there and Ronny only had his flip so we only have video.)
Ronny and Papa gave the kids the "talk" about gun safety before getting started and had Sam take his new glasses off. Ronny proceeded to help the boys line up their sights and begin. He lined the rifle's up on their right shoulders and had them tip their heads over to look down the sights. Both Joseph and Sam kept moving the butt of the gun onto their chins so they could look through the sight with their left eyes. He quickly became worried that if they continues to do this they would break their jaws when they switched to bigger rifles. After a few corrections he finally realized their "good eye" was their left one and finally switched the rifles over to their left shoulder to make things easier.

Papa had each child make their own targets and each made three. After the second targets were made Joseph hit a bullseye. Sam wanted to hit one as well and so he thought that if he just made the bullseye larger he would have a better chance of hitting it. So, the next time targets were made Sam's bullseye was the largest thing on the target and after shooting he proudly showed off that he hit it 5 times! (Smart kid!)