Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve we acted out the Nativity Story from Luke and opened our new jammies Nana made and left cookies and treats for Santa and his reindeer.
Earlier in the week we went caroling with some good friends around the neighborhood and came back to hot chocolate, cider, and lots of goodies. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of that night. We had so much fun, it will surely be a yearly tradition here.

Christmas Morning
Joseph showing off the Santa gifts: zhu zhu pets, electric toothbrushes, and head lamps.
With the kids allergies these are the only kind of pets (those that come with batteries) that can come in the house.

Out of all the gifts, the biggest hit were the toothbrushes, go figure!

Dad surprised with the tie Charley got him. He loves it!
After the great present unveiling we headed over to Grammy Terri's for breakfast and a phone call from Aunt Michelle in Spain. We came home and had a quiet Christmas day napping, and playing with the kids. It was a great day.


Stacey said...

Looks like a fun filled BYU/ Zhu Zhu pet Christmas! All your travels looked fun as well! Love seeing Sam with his cute glasses. Hope you guys are well. Still can't believe how big your kids are getting.