Friday, January 21, 2011

Discovery Gateway

For Christmas this year my mom got our kids a membership to Discovery Gateway. Its a children's museum with 4 floors of hands on fun for the kids. Last Saturday we headed up for a few hours of fun. It was fun watching all of them get their hula hoops going. It ended with Ben walking into Ronny's hoop and getting a nice welt on the side of his neck. Ouch!
This month the kids have also tested and passed to their green belts in karate. They now fight 2 on 1 in this belt. It gets quite intense. Sam also won his class spelling bee (he now moves onto the school wide bee next week). Joseph came in 4th just one place out of also going to the bee for his class. Charley is busy working on a history fair project on Nixon's trip to China. She is learning all about thesis statements, primary and secondary sources, and doing bibliography's right alongside learning about history. A few of you who remember this trip in the news may get a phone call from her this week. Its been a busy month.
Charley sporting her walking boot (She blessed us with a trip to the ER New Year's Eve night, (2010 had to go out with a bang apparently!). She's re-injured her foot a couple times so we are hoping it heals soon so she can get back to karate.


Stacey said...

Looks like lots of fun! Looks like you guys took full advantage of your break. Hope you are doing well.