Monday, January 10, 2011


While off track Joseph and Sam decided to have a sword fight. Mom had confiscated the swords for a while so instead of whining about getting them back, they made their own. The two of them spent the entire day making swords, sheaths, shields, helmets, and daggers. It was almost as much fun watching them as they did making them. The next several days were spent play fighting. I must say, there was far less arguing and crying with the new weaponry as there was with the plastic ones.

Their new adventure now revolves around the Tron movies. They have made discs they throw, (Mom has banned them from kitchen and living rooms!), and have put stripes down their shirts and pants with blue painters tape. When its over 20 degrees I make them take it outside. Joseph has made a target and taped it on the wall outside his bedroom. He takes aim from his bed at night. These boys are having quite the adventure lately. Its really fun to watch their imaginations go wild!