Friday, March 25, 2011

Blood Results

My blood results have finally come back. I do not have the clotting disorder the last specialist thought, however I do have an enzyme disorder called MTHFR. This disorder does not allow me to process folic acid which becomes a real problem when having children. Our 4 children with us now are true miracles. I have now been put an a crazy high dose of folic acid in hopes that some of it will get through.

Ultrasounds have ruled out any apparent neural tube problems like spina bifida and sections of brain missing. This disorder can also cause problems with my heart. I will now be watched pretty closely for pre-eclampsia. So far things have been fine. They check my blood pressure and urine for signs of distress regularly. I am now seeing either the specialist or my normal OB weekly. My next ultrasound is scheduled for this coming Monday and I will have them either weekly or bi-weekly from now on.