Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On a lighter and faster note.....

While all the craziness is going on with the anticipation of Aaron's arrival life still continues on for us. For the last two weeks Ronny and Joseph have been working on Joseph's pine wood derby car. The two of them researched different strategies and different designs and came up with this year's version.

We all gathered at the church last night for the boys to show off their cars and race them down the track. All the cars were weighed in and Joseph's came in right at 5 oz. There was even a professional photographer there to snap photos of each of the boys with their cars and document the racing.

There were 4 heats and the winner of each heat went to the finals. Joseph smoked his heat and the his semi final heat. Another boy did the same (the bishop's son). In the finals Joseph went down to the other boy 2-1. I was really proud of Joseph, you could tell he was disappointed he didn't win but went and congratulated the winner right after the race.

Ronny breathed a huge sigh of relief after Joseph won his first heat. You would think it was his car racing out there. Joseph was also given the "Most Unusual Design" award. Ironically when Joseph was awarded his trophy he dropped his car and one of the wheels broke off. Thank goodness it wasn't during the races! What will happen next year when both Joseph and Sam will race cars???


From the Farm said...

Hooray Joseph! Ronny has been waiting to be a "Cub Scout Dad" for a long time.