Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!

Ronny just arrived home late Wednesday night from a 10 day long business trip in Europe.  He visited Romania, The Netherlands, and Belgium.  We surely missed him and were thrilled he made it home in time for Thanksgiving!  With all the time differences and our crazy schedule here we do our best to find time to talk over the computer with him, usually when its very late at night for him.  Sometimes the hotels he stays in have choppy internet access at best so even then its difficult.  This was a busy trip for him with lots of meetings and lots of work.  There was not as much time to sight see this time around but it looks like they will be returning again shortly, as in just a couple weeks!

I've been sick for the last 5 days of his trip so I was extremely excited to see him and know I wasn't alone in the parenting world once again.  Thursday morning we woke up bright and early to run the 5k race for the Utah Food Bank.  Ronny ran with the boys, Charley and her cousins stuck together and Ben and I took up the rear and walked.  My lungs were in complete revolt from the start and 10 minutes into the race Ben announced he needed to use the restroom.  I told him the fastest way for me to get him to a bathroom was to finish the race as there were no port-a-potty's in sight, something I will definitely comment on in my survey I will return!  I was a bit bummed not to get to run as I have been training for this race but the cold I've been battling and the fact no one else was there to walk with Ben made the decision to walk for me.  I will have to find another one to run soon.  We had a great meal with my family at my sister's house and then ended the day with a movie.  Great Thanksgiving!

We are excited to see this new company finding work and moving forward.  We knew travel would be a part of the new job so we are taking these trips as they come.  One of these days we'll plan on traveling with him and tour a few of these spectacular countries he is working in.  For now we will enjoy our time with him while he is home!