Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What We Do For Sport!

Recently I started playing volleyball again with our church team.  I quickly realized my knee injury from college was going to give me trouble.  I was good and wore my brace every time I played and iced for days afterward, even babying my knee, it ached for days after each night I played.  I averaged about 2 nights a week.  Our team was fortunate to have some great women so we played some pretty intense games.  Towards the end of the season my ankle began to swell.  I couldn't remember injuring it and it didn't have any pain associated with the swelling but it was getting pretty big.  I called a good friend of mine who is a Chiropractor (Dr. Luce) who specializes in sports med and KT tape and asked if he could tape me one night.  This was my first experience with the tape, although Ronny has used it in the past.  I was shocked at how well it worked!!!  That little bit of tape on my knee gave me more support than my hinge brace and I had no pain or swelling after our matches when using the tape, it was AMAZING!!!! My knee never felt so good, even before my college playing days!  I will definitely use this again!

Our women's team ended up playing for the regional championship against a really good Polynesian team.  They were great and so much fun to play against.  We were able to hold them off though and won the regional tournament.  Yahoo!!!  I then started to play on the Coed team, that same Polynesian team hammered us in Coed!  In the end we had one of our guys end up breaking his nose from the elbow of another one of our players.  Even with his broken nose he played the following night.  We had lots of fun but were defeated early in the tournament.  I am now really missing playing and can't wait until next year!  I wish I could find a rec league around here, I would definitely sign up!

I asked Charley what she thought of me playing with the younger ladies and if she thought I could keep up, (I was the oldest one playing on both teams!).  For the most part I did keep up, although I am not as inclined to lay out for a stray ball anymore!  She told me it was awesome!  Sure do love that girl of mine!  I coached her rec team this last season as well (it was a volleyball filled fall season!).  Her team was so much fun to coach and Charley did great considering this was her first experience.  By the end of the season she was serving over hand and digging up balls the other team was hitting over.  Her team ended up taking 3rd place although I really think had the tournament been structured differently they would have had a good shot at second!