Sunday, November 04, 2012

Good News!

Friday we went to see Joseph's doctor yet again for another set of x-rays, our 4th set in 4 weeks!  (One of those sets was just a few days before on his thumb, the stinker needs to take better care of his fingers!)  After the x-rays were done the doctor walked in with a big box and other casting materials.  I looked at him and said, Doctor Ormund you never have good news for me!!!  He smiled, laughed, and said today was our lucky day, Joseph's x-ray's looked great.  You could still see a small fracture on his pinky but could tell it was healing nicely.  The joint no longer had a bone sticking out the side and the growth plate looked clear.  So, no surgery!!!!  He also was sent home without another cast because the bones looked like they were well into the healing process and he should finish healing nicely without the cast, double hooray!!!  He is still banned from major sports and was told to take it easy for another 2 weeks.  We'll see how long that lasts with him returning to school before then.