Sunday, March 04, 2007

Busy February

Ok, so here is my very first post. I would add pictures to this however we can not seem to find our cable to download pictures from our camera to the computer. Another day I guess. So this has been an extremely crazy month, more so than usual which is saying something for us.

We started off the month with Ben and Denise taking an unplanned trip to California to conduct a moving sale and pack up what boxes we could from the house I grew up in. It took three different flights and airports to get us there as the airline canceled our flight and changed our arrival destination twice but we finally arrived in LAX. It was a bitter sweet experience as it was a monumental task that needed to be done and the house we had been praying would sell finally sold, however at the same time it was sad knowing that it was the end of the family ties I knew growing up. My parents are hopefully towards the end of their divorce and then we can all move on as a family separated, yet still very closely knit together. It was probably the last time I will return there and that is sad to know. I am happy I was able to go and do what small things I was able to accomplish and have that last sleep in the house I grew up in. At the same time I had the very distinct impression that that house was not home to me anymore.

Ben and I arrived home that Sunday morning to find Ronny passing a kidney stone and Joseph running a high fever. We called two neighbors to come and give Ronny and Joseph a blessing. Once we were able to get the kids to bed that night I stayed up to put Charley's Brownie patches on her vest as she and I were scheduled to man the cookie booth at the store the next day. Monday morning came and Ronny was still having pain but was able to take advil and tylenol to alleviate most of it. Joseph however was still running his fever so I called the doctor and was able to get him in later that morning. I made Ronny come with us so in case he fell over in pain we were only down the street from the hospital. I didn't think Joseph was too bad, I thought he just had a cold and he would be fine in a day or two. I was wrong. The doctor looked at us and asked how long Joseph had been sick. Only a couple of days we told him he shook his head and told us Joseph had pneumonia. I was stunned. We were told to bring him back on Wednesday if he was still running a fever for a chest film. Ahhh! We filled his prescription and took Ronny to work on the way home. After getting home Joseph took a turn for the worse. He was moaning and delirious. I was ready to take him back but said a little prayer and hoped the antibiotics would kick in soon. He slept the rest of the day. We called his school and informed him he would be out for at least a week. I also called Charley's Brownie leader and told her we couldn't make it. This was too much in one day.

Tuesday came and Ben and Sam were sick. Ben was running a fever. I called and got him in to see the doctor as soon as they could. He has extremely small ear canals so I am not able to see in his ears at home with our otoscope. Ben had a double ear infection. I filled his prescription and went home hoping we would not have to go back the next day.

Happily we made it through all that within about a week and a half. Joseph bounced back and was able to make it to Tyler's birthday party and returned to school after a week off. I was ready to send him back. The next week was filled with errands trying to make up for all the time we spent at home. During these nights Ronny would put the kids down and then work on his pinewood derby car. The Elder's Quorum decided to have their own derby. Although Ronny didn't win he did have the "smoothest" car and won a prize for that. We took the family to watch the race. Between the races the boys would race their matchbox cars down the track. They loved it! Some of these cars we really cool. You could tell these guys spent a lot of time on them. It turned out the Elder's Quorum Pres. car won overall but the two guys that took 2nd and 3rd place were new converts which was really nice.

During all this we were selling and delivering Charley's girl scout cookies. She ended up selling 100 boxes, the most in her troup. We are happy to have the last boxes delivered and all the money turned in. I have also started to wean Ben. He is doing well with this and hopefully we will have an easy transition. He is looking forward to turning around in the car and being able to see were we are going as opposed to the back of the seat. We also finally sold our van. Hooray! It only took 11 months and 3 weeks to do it but its finally gone, ironically to a neighbor so we will still see it everyday.

We are looking forward to a calmer March and a visit from Nana. Ben will also celebrate his first birthday.


LizzyP said...

And I know for a fact that Nana can't wait to come and see you! Lucky! Hooray for blogs. I look forward to reading about your family's adventures.