Thursday, March 08, 2007

Disappointed Charley

Last night Nana called and said she had missed her flight to come this weekend. Unfortunately she isn't able to come for another couple weeks. We have been counting down the days until Nana comes so you can imagine the kids were a little disappointed. The boys puckered out their lips and complained but then we told them she would come in a few more days so they were satisfied with that. Charley on the other hand took this to the extreme. I think she was tired to make matters worse. She cried for a good hour wailing and screaming and all, you would have thought someone had died the way she was going on, oh the drama. When we finally calmed her down and got her into bed she slept very soundly. We know Nana feels really bad about this but this is a good lesson for the kids to learn, life just happens and we need to be flexible sometimes.

We are now trying to come up with some ideas to do with the kids for Ben's birthday. The kids just want to go to McDonald's (not my first choice!). We are watching the weather and might be able to make a trip to the zoo or the coast or maybe we will just go find a new park to play at if the weather is nice.

The kids will be out of school the last week in March so we will get to spend a few extra hours with Nana when she is here. We will have to do something fun then. Ronny will also be off school then too, however that really doesn't mean anything anymore. We may get him to take a day off though.

Tomorrow is Ben's 1st birthday. Fun! He is so much fun to have and is such a good baby, most of the time, he wouldn't nap for anything yesterday. We decided to make a cupcake tower instead of an actual cake. We will make the cupcakes together as a family tonight. The kids are all very excited.


LizzyP said...

Happy birthday, Ben!