Friday, March 02, 2007

Things I love

My sister Liz tagged me. Apparently I'm now obligated to share 5 things I love.

1. I love my family. I love Denise. I love Charley. I love Joseph. I love Sam. I love Ben.

2. I love fresh air. I used to think I loved warm weather. After living in Utah, where the weather may be warm, but occasionally the air is horrific, and living in Oregon, where the weather is oft-times dreary, but the air quality is superb, I realize that I just want fresh air. I can take care of the rest with the right equipment, but I can't fix the air.

3. I love to run. I don't necessarily mean to go running here. I love long and deliberate strides. I love the rush of power. I love the idea that I'm getting somewhere faster than I would if I walked.

4. I love sleep. I miss it, but I'll love it just the same when I see it again.

5. I love discovery. That moment when you realize that you've found something entirely new to you is amazing. It may be self-discovery, when I learn something new about myself. It can be academic or spiritual. I love learning new things and probing and testing and hypothesizing and experimenting.

... you can now mark me as "tag fulfilled" Liz.


LizzyP said...

Oh, you're such a sweetie. I enjoyed reading your list of faves. I don't know why I felt like part of filling my obligation (to that friend who tagged me) was tagging someone else. That's kind of silly. I won't do it anymore, but I'm glad that I got to read your list.