Sunday, April 20, 2008

Opening Day

Yesterday was Opening Day for Little League. Joseph is playing T-ball and is on the Mets and Charley is playing Rookie Softball and is on Splash. For some reason Charley never made it to the door for her picture. So we will have to fix that this week before her next game.

It has been a whirlwind trying to get the uniforms in place and ready to go. I spent all morning on Friday running to 3 different stores trying to get all the needed pieces for each of their uniforms. I even managed to make it to JoAnn's for ribbons for Charley and her teams hair. The ribbons turned out pretty cute! (So unlike my kind of thing but it was fun.)

Saturday morning started off with an early morning phone call from the Head of AYSO soccer informing us that their morning soccer games were canceled due to the 1/2 inch of snow outside. It was then we pulled up the blinds. Crazy!

The weather was pretty crazy all morning and so we weren't sure what to expect when we made it down the the baseball fields. The sun made an appearance so things were a go. All the teams lined up and were ready to be introduced. Once all the teams were paraded in and standing in their designated spots the announcer began to give some info on the games that were scheduled for the afternoon. That's when the hail started to come down. At first it was just a few hail balls here and there. Then the heavens opened and chaos ensued! The hail came pounding and the coaches quickly had all the kids huddle together doing their best to protect them. Then all the parents swarmed in with umbrellas and jackets and anything they had to protect the kids. (needless to say not many pictures were taken at this point) The downpour lasted for about 15 minutes and stopped just as it had started. We all stood up and looked around at the 1/2 - 1 inch of ice pellets all around us. Then the sun broke through and the announcer canceled the rest of the ceremony. The decision to play the scheduled games was left up to the coaches discretion and of coarse they all wanted to play. Unfortunately Charley's game was before pictures so by the end all the girls were muddy.

Charley was the first to bat and belted one into center field (that's my girl!). She also made two outs on 3rd base in the 2 innings the teams played. After an hour in the mud and rain the coaches finally called the game.

Joseph's team showed up but the team they were scheduled to play didn't. I felt bad for Joseph but he seemed to take it in stride. He really enjoyed watching his sister play and cheered her on. We start 2 games a week per kid from here on out so we will be busy. We also have soccer on Saturday morning for the next 4 weeks. Here's to hoping the weather improves!

Technology has its curse!

As much as I love that we have new gadgets and gizmos to stay connected in many different ways it has its price which for the most part is pretty expensive on our extremely tight budget. Our computer (which was 5 years old) decided last night to stop recognizing any mouse whatsoever. It had been acting up the last few months but we were always able to turn it off let it rest and eventually it would cooperate. After questioning Ronny, somewhat like an interrogation, if we could find some way around this problem that resulted in NOT having to buy a new computer, in the end we broke down and went to the computer store. After hearing so many complain about Microsoft's Vista I knew I did not want to deal with that, so we headed to the Mac store. We have officially become an Apple only family. We bought a little Mac mini. Thankfully we did not have to replace the monitor, keyboard, and everything else, which made the purchase a little more doable. Ronny spent all day and night (literally) frantically saving our files and pictures to cd's and setting up the new unit.

I love that it fits in the drawer under the monitor and it is soooo quiet compared to what we dealt with before. I also love that I can sit here and not worry the computer is going to randomly freeze up on me. Now however, I must be schooled in all the new buttons and widgets and whatever else they call things on this system, then I have to teach the kids. That ought to be an adventure!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank You Teacher Carla!

Meet Spotty and Goldy our new goldfish, compliments of Joseph's kindergarten teacher Teacher Carla. Grrrr! Its never good when you go to pick up your kid from school and the teacher has promised the kids they can all take a fish home at the end of the day. Then your kid and the teacher do everything they can to guilt you into taking them. Of course your other son is there as well and wants one himself. So now we have two goldfish at home. I don't have a goldfish tank and I refuse to buy one because I know as soon as I do they will die. So, they are swimming in one of my crystal vases. They have lasted a week, much longer than I would have guessed.

On a side note, Joseph received his T-Ball uniform yesterday. He is on the Mets and is blue and orange. When we were getting in the car Charley asked what team Joseph was on again. I reminded her it was the Mets. She then asked why there was a NY on his hat. She didn't know why I was laughing, so I told her that her Dad and I have lots more to teach her and Joseph about baseball.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Eeeeewe, Gross!

I made brussel sprouts for the vegetable at dinner the other night. (Believe it or not the kids love them!) Ronny was at soccer practice with Charley so it was just me and the boys. The boys were all doing a good job eating their dinner which is somewhat surprising as it is usually a battle. I told the boys if they hurried they could go outside and play for a few minutes until their Dad came home. Ben was making funny faces as he does sometimes at dinner and had us all laughing. He put a sprout in his mouth and then spit it out and declared, "Eeeewe Gross!" and then laughed and then ate the rest of them and asked for more. It was so funny not to laugh with him. I asked him who taught him that word and Joseph jumped up and said "ME"! Now everytime we change Ben's pants he tells us its gross. We agree!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Have I ever mentioned how much our kids want a dog? Lets say its been a long time dream of our children (especially Joseph) in their few short years on this earth. Joseph repeatedly asks when we can have a dog. We have told the kids we would get a dog when the we "owned" the fence and the house we were living in.

This is Fuego. Fuego is Nana and Papa's new dog. Fuego and the kids did everything they could to become our new dog. Here's the story.

First thing Saturday morning after we arrived in California, the kids headed outside to swing on the swings and explore. I was in the house with Stephanie and she happened to mention they got a new dog named Fuego but they hadn't seen him in a few days (I think 4 to be exact). She said that Fuego had originally been an indoor pet before he had come to live on the farm. He was having trouble adjusting to the new environment, especially the lack of attention and having to compete with another dog.

Shortly after this conversation Charley came in the house and announced she had found Fuego in the cabin. He had been in there all week without food or water. He came out, did his business, and drank several bowls of water. Sam saw him and they immediately bonded. Sam sat with him most of the day while he lay recouping in the shade. We were worried he wouldn't make it, and I was a little worried he would pass away while we were there.

Then the trouble started. The three older kids really took a liking to this dog and the dog to them. Anytime the kids were outside the dog was with them. Anytime we went to get in the car the dog tried to go too. He loved the attention and the kids loved the idea of maybe talking Mom and Dad into bringing him home. Joseph had a few private conversations with Dad on the cell phone and begged me all week to take him home.

The day we were leaving I had left the sliding door open and the car door open. Fuego decided to follow the kids inside. When Papa discovered he had come in, he ordered him out. Fuego didn't move. I told Joseph to go get the dog out of the house. Joseph walked up, took him by the collar, and gently told him he needed to go outside. Fuego listened to Joseph. When we were getting the kids in the car to start our journey home Fuego decided he was going too, and promptly jumped in the car and made himself comfortable in the back with the kids. When we tried to get him out, he wouldn't budge. It took several minutes to get him out of the car and a few tears by the boys. They really wanted him to come home. Unfortunately we are not able to have a dog where we live. If we could I am sure Fuego would have come home with us.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A week Off in the Sun! (Spring Break)

We had a great time at Nana and Papa's during Spring Break this year. They were wonderful hosts and went out of their way to find new and fun things to do with the kids. Mom loved having an extra hand or two and some quiet moments to read a book or two. Here are some highlights.
We spent Easter Sunday at Barbara and Jared's for Easter dinner and fun with cousins. As if the great egg hunt at Nana's wasn't enough the cousins had another one after dinner.

Family night was spent at the park. We picked up Chinese food and headed over for dinner, park fun, and ducks! The kids had a blast and the adults laughed as the 4 kids decided to become their own flock of ducks and chased each other around hollering quack all the while. It was hilarious to say the least.We spent one day at the miniature golf course and arcade and another day shopping. Papa also volunteered to help with bedtime stories and flashcards! (Charley helped by correcting Papa when he mispronounced the names of the dinosaurs and forgot a few multiplication facts.)

On Thursday Papa declared he was going to teach the kids how to tie dye. Stephanie and I volunteered to hold down the fort inside the house while Papa took the kids to the shop to get to work. After about 20 minutes Sam was sent back inside much to the pleasure of all parties! Charley and Joseph had a great time and the shirts turned out really cute. Papa decided the kids should all wear them to Friday Night Date Night.

We were actually supposed to travel home on Friday but the Northwest got hit with a snowstorm that day so we opted to stay one extra day. The kids and the grandparents were both very happy. Mom was too, however she knew she would miss her day to get things back together at home before school started again. Besides, who would want to pass up a day spent playing in the mud! Friday Night date night started with dinner at Home Town Buffet and another night playing at the park and chasing the ducks. We all had a lot of fun!

The trip home went as well as could be hoped for and I thank the Lord he blessed us with good weather and much patience!