Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ben Turns 4

Earlier this month Ben turned 4 years old. Can you believe it???? Where has that time gone? We opted for a low key celebration after our California adventure. Just cake and ice cream at home with Grandma and Dex. He also called his friend Darin in Oregon and had a nice little chat (as much as a 4 year old can). We gave Ben a new bike helmet and we are now working on learning to ride a big boy bike. The other kids were racing at this point so we are a little behind with Ben but he is getting there. Ben has mixed feeling about turning 4. He says he wants to stay 3 because when you get big you have to do more chores and get in trouble. I thought that was hilarious, he has life figured out already.


Stacey said...

yeah, he has life figured out! Thanks for including Darin on your Bday Ben! (even though he wasn't talking much.) I can't believe you are 4! Where has the time gone?!