Monday, March 15, 2010

Nana's House

Our trip to Nana's house this year started off with Sam informing me that this no longer was family vacation because Ronny was no longer with us. I laughed and agreed with him and then told him he could call his Dad and let him know of his disappointment. We arrived late Wednesday night just in time for the kids to scurry around the house for about an hour and then head to bed.
Trips to Nana's house always include: A trip to the shoestore (this time of year we look for Salt Water Sandals, a staple for our summers.).
Playing in the Mud: (its always better when she lets us take our pants off!) Sam asked Papa for a shovel. Papa asked him why he needed one, Sam looked back and said, "for digging Papa!" Why else would you need a shovel?

And of course, a trip to the Book Store:

We threw in a few more things like a baby shower for Aunt Deborah, a mission farewell for cousin Emily (we all got to sing in sacrament meeting, it was awesome!), and fire building and dutch oven cooking with Papa. Joseph and Papa also made a checker board and checkers out in the shop. (This was their "project" for this trip.) Papa also gave Joseph his first checker lesson. Good Times!