Monday, March 29, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects

I'm really hating projects these days! Really, must each child have one every month??? Charley was assigned a science project this year. This is her first one and as we were shooting around ideas a few weeks ago, Ronny mentioned he had never done a science project. Well really, you can't say that and not expect me to pass the buck! So Ronny was given the task of helping Charley with this one.

Ronny talked Charley into doing her science project on chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough ice cream. Their question was, "Can you tell the difference between home made chocolate chip cookies and cookies made from cookie dough ice cream?" They were both very excited!
They bought 3 brands of ice cream and the three of us sorted through the ice cream and pulled out all the cookie dough. (Yummy, NOT!) We discovered there really isn't much cookie dough in the ice cream, only enough to make 3 cookies. We then made 3 batches of cc cookies from different recipes. We invited my sister and her husband up to be the taste testers with my Dad.

In the end the project turned out great and the two had a fun time putting it together. Unfortunately she had to start on her next project the following day that was due in the same week. Can we just choose to opt out???


Kirbell said...

Aaaah! Projects make me crazy because there's no way on earth a kids can do a project all by themselves!

Stacey said...

that sounds like something Ronny and Charley would come up with. :) Sounds yummy! Rees' class does a lot of group projects in class, I guess we're lucky!

LizzyP said...

Am I lame to admit I totally prefer a project to worksheets and flashcards?

OK, so I'm kind of lame because my child is only in kindergarten. I'll get back to you when he's Charley's age.