Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest of the Day

So our final day of Disney fun started with taking Dad to the airport to fly back to work. We dropped him off, headed back to the hotel to pack up and get something to eat, then headed back for our final day of adventure. As we pulled up to the parking attendant to pay our toll another gentlemen stepped in front and told us we had been picked as the "Guest of the Day" and asked us to follow his little white SUV. He also told me that we would not be charged for parking that day (sweet!). We followed his little white car directly out of the parking garage and out where the trams are parked. He stopped and moved the cones out of the very first parking space next to where the trams pick up and motioned for us to pull in. He then came up to our car and placed a special flyer on the dash and a yellow ribbon under the wipers. He then shook my hand and told us we were randomly selected to be the "Guest of the Day", asked us where we were from so he could put it in his records, and told us if we wanted to leave and come back we would once again be escorted out to "our spot", and then told us to have a magical day. (We did!)

I then got the kids out and started herding them towards the trams when another gentlemen stepped forward and told us he would be driving us in. He escorted us to his van and drove us straight to the entrance. The kids were very confused and kept asking what was happening. We entered the park and headed to the favorite ride of each child.

Sam wanted to try to get picked for the Jedi training so we headed over to fantasy land and waited for the next show. Just as they were setting up rain drops started to fall so they canceled the show but brought the characters out so the kids could take pictures with them. They loved it and we wouldn't have gotten such great pictures had that not happened. We headed out to another ride and came back for the next show. This time the show went on and both Sam and Joseph were picked to participate. Afterward Joseph told me it was too bad Dad went home because, "today is all about the magic!" as he put it.We went on a few more rides, had lunch, then decided we needed to head to Nana's house soon. On the way out I had the kids silhouettes done which came out great. That women is amazing! (If you go, step into her shop on main street and just watch her do someone.) She is talented!

We left in the afternoon to avoid LA traffic and headed to Turlock for the next portion of our CA trip. We had a great few days at the Disney Resort and look forward to another adventure sometime in the future. We'll have to save up though. This trip we managed to go 3 days for the price of one, I don't know if we'll ever top that. We'll have to see what next year's advertising special will be.


Stacey said...

How awesome is that! See you can catch a break! What a brave mom doing it by yourself and driving everywhere!