Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dinner with Nana and Papa

In June we traveled back to Corvallis, OR for Ronny's graduation. Ronny's parents were kind enough to join us in the celebration. We decided to show them a few of the fun things we liked to do while we were there. We started with dinner at the Japenese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. Ironically our chef spoke Spanish which I think made Ron Sr. feel right at home. The kids loved the "show" and the food except for Ben. He was not too fond of the fire! The waitress would stop and chat every time she walked near us. She was totally floored with our 4 children and how much they all looked alike. Since moving to UT we have forgotten how "odd" a family of six is to some. I can't tell you how many comments we received while living there about our family size. Mostly for the positive which helped shadow those that were not so much. After dinner we walked over to Franchesco's for our favorite gelato. We sure miss that place (Denise especially!).

Our whole trip we laughed as people would circle Joseph and just stare at "Sponge Bob". Every once in a while someone would gather up enough courage and ask what happened to his arm. Joseph would sheepishly tell them he had cut part of his finger off and we would all laugh at the look of horror that would come over their faces. Then we would explain what happened and they would all just shake their heads. Everyone we spoke to wished him well and a few added their names to the growing list scattered all over the sponge.