Friday, July 09, 2010


The day after we returned from Oregon we met with our Realtor at the title company to sign the papers for our first house. We have hoped, worked, saved (had a little help from my sister), and prayed for this day for the last 11+ years. We are sooooo excited and so are our children. The day after signing we received the keys and started planning on where to put things. I took the kids to Home Depot and let them pick out colors for their rooms (with a veto or two). We set the date to move on June 23rd just a week and half away and wanted to get at least the base coat on before we put any furniture in the house. We set to work immediately on taping, prepping, and finally painting. For family night the following Monday we let the kids get their hands dirty (literally) with painting their rooms. That lasted for about 30 minutes until they were done and then we headed to a park just down the road to finish up the night. Here are a few pictures of the kids rooms and the some of the house now that we have a few pictures hung and the front sod is finally finished.

I promise to post pictures as soon as I find where I put my camera!