Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rocky Finish

Saturday Night after all our adventures with graduation and time with friends and family we finally quieted the kids down for the night. Shortly after midnight Charley stumbled over to the foot of our bed and told us she was not feeling well. Then she puked all over the carpet. About an hour later Ben started. By the time dawn broke Ronny and I were feeling terrible also. We had plans to go to church and spend the afternoon with friends. Those all changed as we hunkered down for a long day.

In the mid-morning I gathered the boys up, headed to the store and bought laundry soap and went back over to Camas Commons to wash some things as pretty much everything we had at that point was dirty due to so many clothes changes. While I was gone Ronny contacted the front desk about our situation and they moved us to a new room so that our previous room could be cleaned. By the time I returned I was really not feeling good. Having so many sick in a small hotel room with one bathroom is not ideal!

Unfortunately we missed seeing many friends and headed out of town the next day as soon as we felt we could manage it. We made it to Boise that night just in time for Joseph to start his puking. Blahhh! We were happy when we finally made it home!