Tuesday, July 06, 2010

OSU Graduation

Dr. Ronny's OSU Graduation

Here is a picture of just some of the 2010 graduates. Picture 2 more sections like the ones on the left and you'll get a better idea of how many there were. OSU is one of the few universities who actually hand out the actual diplomas at graduation. Can you imagine the logistical nightmare this might be????

Ronny is at the very top left being hooded by one of his major professors Dr. Tadepalli.

Ronny on the jumbo tron walking across the stage and shaking hands with the Pres. of OSU.

Ronny and his good friend Jared who received his Phd in Physics. Jared and Stacey are some of the great friends we made while in OR. They have 4 boys were match up just about perfectly in ages to our own. We had lots of fun playing cars, trucks, trains, dinosaurs, soccer, and countless other activities with them. Congrats to you Jared and Stacey!

After the university wide graduation we headed back over to where we lived the last few years while in Corvallis. Some amazing friends we have there threw us a big barbecue and invited all our friends so we could catch up and see lots of those who made our time in OR unforgettable. These are two of their boys who we feel are family. Our children spent countless hours together. Thanks Heather and Evertt! We truly made lifelong friends while there and learned so much from their true Christlike examples.

This is at the college of EE-CS graduation. This graduation is put on by the students of the two colleges and something that Ronny has helped put together for the last several years. It was great to be apart of those graduating this time around!

Go Beavers!
The end of a very long day of events! We went to the bookstore earlier so the kids could pick out new OSU gear to wear to dad's graduation. The boys and I had terrible allergies while we were there and felt like we were drinking Benadryl as if it was soda trying to just be able to breathe!

Dr. Ronald Vance Bjarnason Jr. and Dr. Ronald Vance Bjarnason Sr.
I love this picture! We are so grateful to Papa Ron and Nana Stephanie for making the trip and celebrating with Ronny. They have lead by great example the importance of education! All three their boys are now Drs. in their own fields of study.

Ronny and Dr. Tadepalli one of his major professors. The other is Dr. Fern however I don't know what happened to the picture I took of him. Sorry.

Ronny and his good friend Neville. We love Neville, our kids especially! Neville was a rockstar on the side of being a grad student. He even found time to teach Joseph a few guitar lessons. Neville is one of the many friends Ronny made in his lab while at OSU.

We did our best to feed these guys as often as we could and our children came to love them all. Many times we would surprise Dad at this office and completely disrupt any work being done by these guys. They were always so kind to stop what they were doing and play with the kids for a few minutes. We even conned a few of them into babysitting a couple times. We did our best to provide a family setting for them while away from their own homes. Many times they were our extended family during holidays when we were so far from our own. We hope as they travel to conferences and on vacations they will stop in and keep in touch!


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