Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its Small World After All (especially inside our church!)

This last Sunday Ronny and I met with our sweet bishop. We knew we needed to update him on what was going on with our family and we wanted to ask permission to give this sweet baby a name and a blessing in the event we are fortunate to have a live birth. He appreciated our willingness to perform this ordinance for our son and actually told us we didn't need his permission. The church handbook specifically outlines that in a case similar to ours the patriarch of our family can perform the ordinance without assistance and without prior approval. (I actually knew this but felt that since we had the time to ask we should).

Our bishop counseled with us for quite some time and lifted our spirits. Towards the end of our time the bishop started to tell us of a great doctor he knew in the military who at one point was the head of obstetrics for all of the troops and their families in Europe. He mentioned that he is now head of obstetrics at a hospital in San Antonio, TX and that he will soon be retiring and it would be great if he came back to this area. I couldn't believe that this was a mere coincidence and asked him if his friend happened to be Dr. Fausett. He exclaimed, "You saw Bardett?" We laughed and said that was the specialist we saw last week and that we could not have asked for a better doctor. The bishop agreed with us and said you could go all across this country and people would know who this man is and would all say he is the best. He quietly said next, "Well now you have two bishops watching over you, you could not be in better hands, the Lord is truly watching over you". We couldn't agree more.


Sant Family said...

That is cool! Gave me goosebumps.