Monday, February 06, 2012

Temple Trip

Since being put on bed rest last year, last March was the last time my husband and I were able to attend the temple together. This last Saturday we were able to attend once again together along with our daughter. When Charley turned 12 our bishop gave her a temple recommend to perform baptisms whenever she was able. For one reason or anther we just weren't able to go together until this last weekend. We had heard it was busy so we had planned to be gone for at least 2 hours, it took 3! I asked one of my visiting teachers if she would watch the boys while we were gone. We arrived at the temple to see the baptistry packed! We were instructed to the chapel and told the line started in the back and they would take a few people at a time and just to scooch down the pews as people left. Most who were there were youth with an occasional parent mixed in. Watching we realized that each youth did 5 names unless they brought their own family names and then they seemed to do a max of 10 at a time. The process was very efficient yet it still took us an hour and a half to just get to the front of the line.

When it was our turn we were directed to the clothing area and the sweet matron explained to Charley the process and told her to remember her size for her clothing so that she would be able to know in the future her sizes and feel right at home. She asked if I would be willing to hand out towels or if I had names to do, I told her I would do whatever they needed me to do. Ronny was able to baptize and confirm Charley as well as several other youth in attendance that day. I was touched to see the willingness and eagerness of the youth to want to be in the temple. I could not have asked for a better example for our daughter. One of the workers explained that there are open hours for baptisms every Friday morning, Saturday, and each holiday for all those wanting to come. The baptistry opens at 6:00 am and they said that there are youth lined up outside the doors at 5:45 each time and that the chapel is always filled by 6:00. So where are the youth in South Jordan each Friday and Saturday morning, they are at the temple.

When I was a youth we were able to attend the temple twice a year and would do between 10 and 20 names when we went and I remember the temple workers begging us to come back soon. In college I would try to do baptisms during open hours once a week with a few friends. I remember the workers well. They would beg us to come back each week. What a completely different experience for our daughter.

While sitting in the chapel waiting our turn I felt that all too familiar squeeze on my heart. I felt a little jipped thinking that we were not able to do this for our son. I know that it is not necessary as his place with his Father in Heaven is assured, yet I still felt like we were missing out on this experience with him. What joy has come to those that have been waiting for their ordinances though. I hope Charley remembers that day, I know I will and I look forward to going with the boys in the future.