Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blood Test and Official Ultrasound Results

Ronny's blood tests came back showing he has hypothyroidism (under producing thyroid). The doctor asked if he had seen hair loss, weight gain, dry skin, and a few other symptoms. All of which have happened but all of which could also be contributed to getting older or coming off a mighty stressful year. Ronny was awarded a new prescription that he'll most likely be on indefinitely. The mass measured 1.2 cm officially which put him in the need to biopsy category. The first ultrasound measured it as .9 cm which I believe still puts it into the margin of error but something to think on nonetheless and a question of is it getting bigger? I asked the doctor if cysts like this or cysts that are cancerous usually resulted in hypo or hyper thyroids. He said they usually would result in hypo thyroids. Not exactly the answer I was hoping for. Ronny will have his blood work redone in 8 weeks and they will also test him for a few autoimmune diseases as well. An ENT will actually be the one doing the biopsy so we are waiting to hear when they can get him in. The doctor said he still doesn't think its something to worry about, however in my book he becomes less convincing with the more tests he orders. Just saying....