Friday, February 17, 2012

Ultrasound Preliminary Results

Ronny's ultrasound showed a cyst with a mass that looked a little different this time than last time and measured 1 cm I believe (the mass is 1 cm the cyst is quite a bit bigger). The cyst consisted of both soft and hard tissue. The tech seemed to think this would warrant a FNA, fine needle aspiration, or essentially a biopsy. There was also a second smaller mass above the cyst. The smaller mass didn't seem to be concerning. Ronny's doctor's office called him this afternoon after receiving the results to make sure he had an appointment to come back next week. Hmmmm, not quite sure how I feel about that yet. We'll see what his blood tests look like then too.


LizzyP said...

I'm glad that it came to your attention!

Stacey said...

Does the Lord think this is funny? Our prayers are with you.

Sant Family said...

Oh gees. Really? So of course it's good that it came to your attention and really, it probably is nothing. But it's something in your head. I am so sorry. I am sure that you will be able to knock this off your list of "Weird things that happen to us and why we don't play the odds" without complications.

Except Ronny's needle phobia. That's probably going to get a little complicated ;).