Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Introducing: Joseph the Jedi, Ben as Chicken Little, Charley as a 50's teenager, and Sam the race car driver.
Getting the 4 of them to stand still and smile was crazy! ( I couldn't get Charley to show off her skirt that Grandma made but it was super cute!)
Ben was also a horse.
(One of the many perks of being the youngest is that there are many costumes to choose from!)
Ben's preschool class party. Unfortunately a few were sick and missed out. One of the hard things about having kids in 3 different schools is that they all have their class parties at the same time so Mom has to pick who's she will attend on which holiday.
All lit up!
Top to Bottom: Charley's, Ben's, and Mom's
Why is it once the jack o lanterns are lit up at night they take on a completely different appearance?
Top to Bottom: Joseph's, Dad's, and Sam's

We had 4 more in the back of the car that didn't get carved. We were too tired and out of time.

(We let Charley take the pictures today so Sam and Dad missed out of showing their's off before heading to the porch.)
Mom separating out the pumpkin seeds. We ended up roasting 6 cups of seeds.

We were happy to have Grandpa over for dinner before heading out Trick or Treating. We followed our tradition and tried out a new soup recipe. Since missing this event last year due to the Swine Flu the kids were hopping to get started. The weather was terrible with rain, wind, and cold temperatures. Something we have grown used to. (Joseph grudgingly wore a sweatshirt after mom explained the Jedi robe was not warm enough!) Grandpa offered to hand out candy while both Ron and I headed out with the kids. Within an hour the kids pumpkins were full and our hands were frozen so we headed in. Our sweet neighbor had special treat bags made up for just our kids that they were thrilled with and we ended the night at their house. We have our quota in candy and may sell some of it to their dentist just to get it out of the house! We had some friends surprise us by stopping by and playing until bed time. The guys of course headed downstairs to watch the Oregon v. USC game. It was such a fun night!


Stacey said...

Oh so fun! Sounds like a fun Halloween! The kids look great. I can't believe you guys carved 6 pumpkins and still had 4 left! We did 2 and that was enough for me. :)