Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Ronny

Ronny turned 36 this month. His birthday always falls during conference weekend. Usually this weekend has some member of his extended family visiting. We decided to make it a tradition and have a big Bjarnason family dinner Sunday night after conference and invite all the those in the area to come and celebrate and be together. (Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of everyone before they left.) Thank you to all those who were here, we love having you!

This year the kids were super excited to give their gifts to Ronny. It was so funny watching the kids unable to stand still while their dad unwrapped his gifts. Sam was the most excited as his gift was a shovel. (I was hesitant to give this to him as usually shovels come with holes and I really don't want any holes in my yard right now.)

Here are a few of Ronny's many accomplishments in the last 36 years in no specific order:

1. Completed 5 marathons
2. Completed a Phd
3. Got a job that pays the bills!!!
4. Bought a house
5. Has helped to bring 4 children into this world and teach them daily
6. Married me :)
7. Read the Book of Mormon by himself countless times, and as a family almost 10 times (we hope to finish the 10th before the end of the year)
8. Taught his kids to play baseball
9. Coached his kids soccer teams
10. Reads and teaches his children about the scriptures and their Heavenly Father daily.

Ronny really is the greatest guy (which is why I married him!). He serves his family and his Father in Heaven humbly every day. We sure do love him!!!


Stacey said...

Happy late Bday Ronny! Have fun with your shovel!