Sunday, October 31, 2010

Phineus and Ferb Inspriations

(Sam actually reading a card before the wrapping paper starts flying!)


Sam turned 7 years old this week. We celebrated on his birthday with just us and then threw a party for his friends on Friday after school. Sam opted for a Phineus and Ferb party. If you haven't seen this cartoon its about two boys who are bored during summer vacation so they decide to build fun things like roller coasters in their backyard and bring dinosaurs back to life and build theater stages for the neighborhood. They seem to always have things cleaned up before their parents arrive home which annoys their big sister.

We took the show to heart and built a bowling alley in the garage and had Lego car building races in the living room. We also decorated pumpkins and had a treasure hunt. Sam had a friend also celebrating a birthday and his mom asked if we could combine the parties (something I will never do again by the way!). We had a great time and the older brothers and sister were great helpers! I was so happy to have them there helping because all the prep work to get the party put together wore me out and it freed me up to take pictures while the kids were at their various stations.

We are so happy Sam had a good time!

Some of our helpers. They restacked the bowling pins countless times and were happy to do it.

Decorating pumpkins

Bowling a strike!
Sam smoked everyone in the Lego building contest. He even put the stickers on before anyone was even close. That kid is fast when it come to Legos!

I had planned on the cupcake tower being the cake until the mother of the other birthday child insisted on her son having his own cake to blow out the candles. So I did the cupcakes for the masses of kids and small individual cakes for the birthday boys.

Bowling Fun!


Stacey said...

Happy Bday Sam!! We love Phineas and Ferb! Legos are pretty awesome. Hope you had a great day! Denise good job on the cakes as usual.