Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mom Gets Pinned

Joseph has been working really hard at the different activities at cub scouts. He missed the last pack meeting due to a stomach virus so this month he had lots of awards. The bishop's wife came in and had a ribbon around her neck with all the pins her boys had earned over the years. I thought that was a great idea and will have to go and get one myself. I grew up with all sister's so I am learning all about cub scouts. I never understood why they pinned their mother's until Joseph has started. He has great leaders who really take their calling seriously and have these boys on a schedule to earn as much as they can before moving onto Bears and Weblos. We are so fortunate to have them. Joseph looks forward to scouts each week! Now I need to get everything ironed on before the next activity.


Stacey said...

And it begins...I had five brothers and still feel like I know nothing about scouts and now I'm the counselor over it, go figure. It had to start sometime. :)